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Ignaty Dyakov on London Live TVOur founder and director, Ignaty Dyakov is making a career shift since late 2016 and becomes a life coach, specialising in lifestyle changes and rediscovery of oneself after major illnesses.

Here's what Ignaty offers in his own words:

Looking for a more balanced, healthier lifestyle? Pondering a career change? Starting a business? Getting back to life after a major illness?

Life coaching isn't counseling, nor is it psychotherapy. 

View it the same way as coaching in sports, when an experienced professional coach, who's been there himself, helps sportsmen and women to get the best out of themselves, find the most effective ways to succeed. 

Now, success isn't necessarily a financial thing. In fact, measuring everything in monetary terms might limit your life considerably. What we can do together is define what success is for you and only for you. Then how to get there in the way you find comfortable. And how to enjoy your life in the process. Life is for living, and no one really knows how long he or she will live for, so every moment should be noticed and treasured. 

I became a life coach after a major illness, when an entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer and writer, I had to readjust to my new reality. It's taken two years to day and is an ongoing process, but I'm happy to share my experience and facilitate and guide your changes.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you. I offer life coaching and health coaching sessions in London, Birmingham (West Midlands) and on Skype - wherever you are in the world. I speak Russian and English, so our sessions can be in either language.

I have been teaching various subjects since 2001, trained as a business mentor in 2012, underwent a life coaching course in 2016. Alongside, I set up three businesses, published a series of textbooks, became a chartered linguist and traveled the world.

What else do I do?

- A Chartered Linguist, I still teach a limited number of Russian and EFL classes and deliver teacher trainings and workshops,

- Director of Russia Local Ltd, I manage a small portfolio of our long-term clients (consulting, translation, language teaching),

- Author of a series of unconventional Russian language textbooks used at schools, universities in the UK, Europe, US, India, Russia, I now try myself in writing fiction,

- Member of the Management Committee of the UK Reiki Federation,

- Chair of the Educational Writers' Group, Society of Authors.


Life Coaching

Life coaching and health coaching with a certified life coach Ignaty Dyakov-Richmond - available in English and Russian. By Skype and face-to-face in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and London, UK.

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